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Svend-Erik is unique

He masters both storytelling and business. He knows the difference between entertainment storytelling and business storytelling. He brings enthusiasm into every project. He is a funny guy!


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Svend-Erik Engh




Svend-Erik Engh Certified Practitioner Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling.


"I started my career as a Professional Storyteller in 1993 and started teaching storytelling at the same time. Seven years later, I was invited into the world of business. I did my first presentation and workshop at the annual Conference of Corporate Psychologists, Denmark. It was an amazing experience to see people from the corporate world benefitting from my knowledge of storytelling.


June 2001 I participated in a masterclass with Steve Denning and I asked if he would be interested in facilitating a three month training program for business leaders. He said, "Why not?"

That was the beginning of a fantastic collaboration together with a man, that was one of the world´s leading voices in the field of organizational storytelling.


Together we have

- facilitated workshops on integrating storytelling into business practice for Lego, Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, Carlsberg and other major companies in Denmark and Sweden

- arranged and led workshops in the best universities incities spread around in Denmark.

- started the Golden Fleece Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Business School"




Licensed Practitioner: Steve Denning Leasership Storytelling

After five years of intensive search for Springboard Stories in organisations around the world, I was in 2008 awarded with a license to use the methods of Steve Denning.


January the 16th at 10am

Storycoaching for small businesses - venue somewhere in Edinburgh.

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