GIANTS with Alice and Svend

GIANTS is a Live Storytelling performance about being big in a world of small people. For children and adults.

GIANTS is a workshop where the participants explore what it is to be big. For children and adults.

GIANTS is a language school project, where students that has english as their second language explore stories from the celtic and nordic myth tradition.


Two very tall storytellers Alice Fernbank and Svend Engh bring you stories of giants and giantesses from Celtic and Nordic Mythology. Infused with their own personal experience of being big people in an average sized world, Alice and Svend weave together a mythological history of the giants who once roamed this earth.


The project comprises of a performance and a workshop for children, and a separate performance and workshop for adults.

Audience says


Some words from the audience at The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh the 30th of April together with local musician Nicky Haire::


Katherine Bruce. "You were on fire! What a performance."


Tamsin Haggis: "The whole thing was such a treat from beginning to end. You were quite wonderful, and the trio of you was wonderful as well."


Mairi Campbell: "What a gorgeous night of story and music. Thank you."


12/9 Ogilvie Terrace, E11 1NR Edinburgh, Scotland

Phone: + 44 (0)7577 001 008


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