Svend-Erik Engh has told stories and has been a storycoach for more than 25 years.

His stories are a mixture of traditional Scandinavian fairy tales, stories from the Nordic Gods, fairy tales from around the world, life experiences and stories created in workshops.

Svend-Erik is an excellent coach, who can unfold your potential as a storyteller. He has been leading workshops since the first days of Borups Højskole in 1994.

Svend-Erik Engh started his career in 1994 and since then he has travelled around the world with his skills.

For ten years he organized Stories under a Tree in 

Kings Garden, Copenhagen 2000-2010

In 2017 he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he tell more stories and coach more people in the art of telling a story. 

Tel. +44 (0)7577001008

Photos: Charlie Menzies

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