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Svend-Erik Engh is one of Denmark´s most experienced storytellers. His stories are a mixture of traditional Scandinavian fairy tales, stories from the Nordic Gods, fairy tales from around the world, life experiences and stories created in workshops.


Svend-Erik Engh started his career in 1994 and since then he has travelled around the world with his skills.


For ten years he organized Stories under a Tree in

Kings Garden, Copenhagen 2000-2010


Tel. +44 (0)7577001008

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Linkedin: Svend.Erik.Engh

Sea Scouts in Leith


Rune Stone in Edinburgh


November 2017:


Telling stories at Trinity House, Leith together with a group of sea scotus.

The scouts just loved the story of København, the worlds largest sailing ship build in Leith.

At one point the danish captain told a story to his crew. I told the story in danish and the scout Archie translated it into english. Great fun and the auience loved it!

May 2017:


A runestone in the middle of Edinburgh. It inspired to many stories and the audience learned how to read the inscription on the stone.


We are going to do more of these rune tours when the stone finds its residence at Georg Place close to The Scandinavian Institute.

September 2017:


GIANTS is a storytelling project with two tall storytellers, Alice and Svend-Erik.

We tell stories from the nordic and celtic mythology where giants is more than just evil creatures.


Here from the island of Lismore.


Photos Charlie Mendez.

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