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Svend Engh is one of Denmarks most experienced Storytellers. His stories is a mixture of traditional scandinavian fairy tales, stories from the Nordic Gods, fairy tales from around the world, life experiences and stories created in workshops.


Svend-Erik Enk Engh started his carrier in 1994 and since he had been travelling around the world with his skills.


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A program of stories called 'In another car' -

tales about the biggest transformation..


'I'm not afraid of death because I don't believe in it. It's just getting out of one car, and into another.'

John Lennon

- the nordic god Hoeder kills his brother, Balder and is killed himself by a son of Odin - after Ragnarok they both return to the new world,

- the Russian prince Ivan dies and only because his good friend, the wolf, helps him, he comes back to life

- the transylvanian Maria is beautiful, but the dead man kills her, she becomes a flower and only because the king speaks out her name, she can come back to life

- a soldier has served his country, his king, the stupid sergent and the cruel luietenant for 99 years, 13 months and 3 days. Enough is enough and the soldier serves the devil for four year


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