I am a Danish storyteller now living in Edinburgh.

I have been telling stories professionally and teaching in the art of storytelling for more than 25 years.

Stories have brought me around the world, first Scandinavia, then USA, and since 2017 I have been telling stories around in Scotland, my new homecountry.

I tell stories from Denmark, about Vikings, from the world, about warfare, about GIANTS.

I have written nine books.

Svend-Erik is quite simply a master storyteller. Grounded, inspired, and filled with essential insights. Spending time with Svend-Erik is guaranteed to refresh your mind and open your heart to the power of a story well told, and authentically performed.

Michael Margolis, CEO and Founder, Get Storied.


  • 6 years I was a Storytelling Teacher on a Danish Folkehøjskole,
  • 15 years holding workshops and seminars on Storytelling in The Storytelling Academy in Malmö, Sweden,
  • 6 years teacher at University of Gotland, Sweden,
  • 2008-2010 – annual one day workshop at Smithsonian Institute; Washington D.C.
  • 2010 – 2011: Golden Fleece, Copenhagen
  • 1 year Lector at The Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
  • 1 summer I held Mythology Sessions at the Storytelling Centre, 2019 together with Donald Smith
  • since 2018 I have been GIANTS together with Alice Fernbank. We perform and teach in Scotland, Italy, Tenerife, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
  • the last two years I have been performing with Neil Sutcliffe on a Viking Storytelling travel - Walk the Oars.