Whether you need to

  • convince your employees of a change idea
  • present your latest academic research 
  • teach a lesson and hold your student's attention

you will need a story to tell. 


I coach leaders and managers to advance their speaking skills using stories, so that their messages come across in a way that sparks action.

I would like to offer you a free 30 minute strategy session where I can learn about your current situation, and offer you some advice on your immediate next steps to making the most of the power of storytelling in your working life.

Contact me to make an appointment.

One hour online Storytelling Coaching

A one to one coaching session where we work on developing your skills and telling of a story.

10 hour step by step programme developing your storytelling skills

A structured coaching plan of ten one to one sessions which teaches you all the essential skills you need to tell a great story.

One year Online Storytelling Coaching

Storytelling Coaching so you can be a better storyteller and learn how to involve the listeners.

The coaching is designed for non storytellers. So if you are a priest, a teacher, a business leader, a journalist, a communicator of any kind I can help you with your story and the telling of it.

We will organise the coaching so it fits into your schedule. If you are going to do an oral presentaion, we will work on a daily basis and I will guide you all the way up to the point where you tell your story freely and engaging. There will be months where we just meet once or twice.

If you sign in for a year coaching, you will be offered a free space in one of the two days workshops with three other life storytellers that I offer.

Svend-Erik is unique. His levels of energy, enthusiasm, and warmth are unique, and he spreads and injects his enthusiasm. He enlivens people. But also, very importantly, he listens.

Steve Denning, author of six books on storytelling and two on Agile. 

We approached Svend-Erik with the job of coaching researchers to develop engaging narratives of their research. Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills.

Søren Buhl Hornskov

Copenhagen University

Some thoughts from a Storycoach

Often when people choose a story they are inspired by the words and its meaning. This is important. A story must be meaningful for the teller. A storyteller must be inspired by the words. I respect this focus on the content of the story, I respect and honour it. 

BUT when I listen to a story with the purpose of giving feedback after the story, I do not only listen to the meaning of the words in the story. If I did, I couldn’t give the feedback that I give. My focus is not just on the content of the story, the words you could just as well have read in a book. I listen with a more full understanding of the story. Let me try to explain. 

The words are tools for the storyteller to achieve a profound and real interaction between two human beings. When this real interaction occurs the distinction between the storyteller and the listener (s) disappears and instead there is one body, one soul exploring another world, the world of the story. 

When I am a story coach, I listen to the presence of the storyteller and I instinctively know where to point out where the real interaction is happening in the story. This real interaction means that you are present on many levels:

–        In the story you know everything; every person, every colour, the smells, the rooms, the trees, the houses, the castles – if I stopped you at a certain moment in the story, you would be able to tell me every single detail. Why? Because you were there! You experienced it! You lived it! So of course you know the colour of the dress of the woman, who is handing over the water of life to the raven or how it smelled when you visited hell with some pork meat or whatever the story is about.

–        In the room with the audience – even if it is a Zoom room or another platform – well, you have to know how the audience breathes, thinks, dreams while you are telling your story.

–       You are 100 % grounded. I couldn’t move you away from the spot where you are telling your story even if I used all my powers, because you are so connected to the core of the earth. Your knees are loose, you feel your toes and you are so attached to mother earth that I can feel it in my bones as I listen..

My work as a story coach is to make you as a storyteller present in all three levels. To do that I use my intuition and I trust my instincts.