Monthly Online One Hour Talks followed by thirty minutes Q and A / Storytelling in Organisations

FIRST in 2022:  Wed 23th January

1. 1pm to 2.30pm GMT

"How to find the good story!".

Where: Online / Zoom link will be send to you in the confirmation email.

Oral Storytelling is a useful communication tool in organisations especially in times of change.

When changes occur in an organisation, it is always associated with emotions, and therefore it is important that the changes are communicated with a story that speaks to the emotions of the employees. Often it is not due to a lack of commitment on the part of the employees that they may not act exactly as the management might want, but it is actually because they cannot identify with the changes.

You must be able to stand in front of an assembly and deliver a message in a way that invites the audience so that they actually listen. It is an active form of communication, where you enter into a dialogue with the audience. Not dialogue as "question-answer", but by activating images in the brain and creating ideas and reflections through the narrative. That way, you keep the audience engaged.

And then you have to learn to shut up! It may sound strange, but one of the most powerful tools for activating the audience's brains is actually the pauses, so you have to learn to use them. Much communication today is about telling more, louder and bigger. But the pause is much more activating because it uses what is not being said to create perceptions in the audience.