the kids secret garden

Drawing by

Tea Bendix

Storytelling in the tent in

The Kids Secret Garden

with Danish Storyteller 

Svend-Erik Engh

Thursday 10th August

2pm and 4pm

Svend-Erik Engh will tell stories from his upcoming book Danish Folktales.

Agegroup: You can bring your kids and they will enjoy it, but the storytelling is not focused on the small ones. These Danish Folktales are full of passion, wits, violence and love. 

Danish Folktales


A book filled with fairy tales and legends from Denmark.

I have chosen 27 favorites and Tea Bendix has created a magical universe with her illustrations. 

to be published by The History Press

October 2023.

Book Launch -

Sunday 8th October 5pm at

The Scottish Storytelling Centre,

43-45 High Street, Edinburgh.

Read about the history, the landscapes stories and the fairy tales from Denmark from a storyteller that lived in the country for 59 years.

You will discover how the flat landscapes full of people inspired the folk of Denmark to tell stories of deep emotions and dark tragedies in the forests, in the marsh and at sea; how a queen was as mighty as the country itself and how that inspired a song; about how people of the flat land of Lolland in the south survived a flood with waves 3m high; and about creatures that lurk in the darkness of Denmark's hidden corners.

30 Illustrations, black and white