Become a better storyteller!

Svend-Erik offers coaching session where you will develop your storytelling skills.

He offers these sessions either one-to-one or in groups up to 120 people. 

Since Covid-19 hit us all he had gained knowledge of how to coach online. If you ask him, he prefers to meet people in real life. 

Svend-Erik started storytelling coaching in 1994. 

He has since coached business managers, school children, teachers, priests, journalists and budding professional storytellers - if you have a desire to become a better oral storyteller, he knows how to give you exactly the right feedback. 

Svend-Erik is truly the best story coach ever!, Francisca Aniballi, teacher, Italy.

Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills.

Søren Buhl Hornskov Videreuddannelsesleder at Københavns Professionshøjskole

Svend-Erik is unique. His levels of energy, enthusiasm, and warmth are unique, and he spreads and injects his enthusiasm. He enlivens people. But also, very importantly, he listens.

Steve Denning, author of six books on storytelling and two on Agile

ONLINE Storytelling Masterclasses

Zoom masterclasses for storytellers who want to improve their telling.

With a maximum of four participants.

Storytellers are invited to bring their work in progress to the masterclasses where they will work together with Svend-Erik and the group to really sharpen your story, sharpen your telling and leave with a tale which is much clearer and brighter than when you began.

Email if you have any further questions.

"Svend is a wonderful teacher! He is passionate about the world of story and manages to detect the strength and weaknesses within the tale. His workshops are joyful with valuable as well as kind feedback. "Franziska Droll, tourguide and storyteller.

Svend-Erik's storytelling School - lesson one BE HEARD