Svend-Erik Engh at Lismore Island 2017



Svend Engh is a Danish storyteller now living in Edinburgh.


He has been a storyteller for more than 25 years and tells stories to anyone who wants to listen, whether it’s a four year old child in a nursery home, a manager from a big company or someone with learning disabilities.


Svend Engh leads workshops and is an experienced Business Storytelling Coach.


Together with his partner Alice Fernbank he performs the storytelling program GIANTS. When he is on his own, he tells Nordic folktales, Viking stories and stories from Lolland in the southern part of Denmark,


One program are stories reflecting on when his aorta nearly collapsed in 2016. He has collected a series of folktales about death and this program is followed by a talk with the audience.



Organizational Storytelling


Shape the future through stories.


Use stories to

- get to know who you are as an entrepeneur and why I should trust you in the changing future


- share values. To know about the past creates a platform for every listener to know how you like things are done


- create clear images of the possibilities of the future



12/9 Ogilvie Terrace, E11 1NR Edinburgh, Scotland

Phone: + 44 (0)7577 001 008

Email: svend.erik.engh@gmail.com

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