Storyteller and Storycoach

Svend-Erik Engh

Danish Storyteller now living in Scotland.

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    Seen from the audience's perspective
    The Storyteller close to a tree
    Stories under the tree
    Stories under the tree
    Stories under the tree
    Neil Sutcliffe under the tree
    Alice Fernbank under the tree
    Alice Fernbank under the tree
    Alice Fernbank under the tree
    Audience to a stories under the tree
    Audience to a stories under the tree
    Kongens Have, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Photo by Alice Fernbank

    I have made more than fourty of these DuEtS.

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    Svend is a wonderful teacher! His workshops are joyful with valuable as well as kind feedback.

    Franziska Droll, tourguide and storyteller

    Every Tuesday an online storyteling workshop with useful feedback

    Tickets and link to Zoom here

    Giant's heart -

    school of storytelling

    Crowdfunding and signing in

    Giant’s Heart is a school based in Scotland yet inspired and modelled on the Nordic ‘Folkehøjskole’ or Folk High School.  

    Whether you wish to tell traditional folk stories, personal tales, or create your own stories and share them, the school promises to offer students a life enriching and transformational learning experience. 

    As practitioners of storytelling, we have a wealth of experience to share with our students.

    Podcast about Giant's Heart


    with words

    The way Engh paints his stories is magical, building a landscape of a simpler time. 

    Imogen Rowe,




    Svend-Erik is not only an authentic and impressive storyteller but also a great, emphatic trainer with the right questions in the right moment.

    Zsuzsanna Takács

    CEO at KRIO Institute Cell and Tissue Bank, Hungary



    Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills.

    Søren Buhl Hornskov

    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

    Photo by Alice Fernbank

    Svend-Erik is a Danish storyteller who has worked internationally as a storyteller, story coach, and theatre director for over 30 years. He started creating his unique coaching method while teaching in a folkehøjskole in the 1990’s. The method has been described as Fluid Storyguiding by one of his students. During the pandemic, he transferred his in-depth storytelling masterclasses to the online environment, providing the original impetus for Giant’s Heart.

    Let me listen to your idea, your seedling of a story or a fully composed tale which you may have told many times. You will find that my feedback always adds new dimensions to the telling.

    Write me an email on svend.erik.engh@gmail.com and lets see if we can find a time for a free coaching session. First one is free introductory half hour session. If you like what you get, we can arrange for more coaching on a pay what you can basis.


    is our 2-year-old's favourite, he asks to read it at least once or twice a day and joins in on 'Boos and hisss' and every 'ouch', and has us singing Nelly the elephant every time too.

    Ossi Jalonen

    A runestone in Edinburgh