Book to be published October 2023

A book filled with fairy tales and legends from Denmark.

I have chosen 27 favorites and Tea Bendix has created a magical universe with her illustrations. 

to be published by The History Press

October 2023.

Photo Alice Fernbank

Podcast episode about Folkehøjskole

Alette Willis:
In this episode I talk to Svend-Erik Engh, a Danish storyteller, about plans to bring a Folkehøjskole ('folk high school') to Scotland. In our conversation, Svend-Erik shares the origins of Folkehøjskole in Denmark, the role of mythology in learning and the impact this form of education has on students and society. There is some master storytelling here as well, as Svend-Erik shares with us the myth of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil, the sacred world tree.



Storytellers are invited to bring their work in progress to the workshop where you will work together with Svend-Erik and the group to really sharpen your story, sharpen your telling and leave with a tale which is much clearer and brighter than when you began.

Svend-Erik has been helping business people, teachers, priests, parents, anyone using stories in their communication for 30 years and has been coaching storytellers for just as long. He is acutely aware of the challenges one can encounter when embarking on this journey of telling any kind of stories. These workshops are a safe environment in which to try out your stories and develop them with expert guidance.

Notice only four participants.

- useful feedback

- structure of story

- grounding

- rhytm in the language

- feel your feet

- be there for us

- dive into the story

- be fully aware of the audience, even online

Svend-Erik is truly the best story coach ever!, Francisca Aniballi, teacher, Italy.

Saturday 22nd April 10-16 Edinburgh time