Photo by Alice Fernbank

Svend is a wonderful teacher! His workshops are joyful with valuable as well as kind feedback.

Franziska Droll, tourguide and storyteller

Storytelling Shows

1.Wolves Within

2. Orphan James and the Prince of Denmark

3. Walk the Oars

4. Nordic Myths

Wolves Within

Wolves Within – with wonderful Scottish Musician Neil Sutcliffe we are exploring Wolves and what impact they have and have had on humans in stories, music and songs.

The show features myths/fairy tales and folk music from Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, Transylvania and England.
Come and delve deep into the psyche of Wolves, and discover what these proud animals have meant for people around the world.  

Orphan James and the Prince of Denmark

As The King’s Men perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the court of James VI/I and Queen Anne of Denmark, bittersweet memories are unearthed for the royal couple. They recall a perilous voyage across the waters between Scotland and Denmark. The play stirs up a well of grief, opening the deepest of heart wounds in the king himself.

Created and performed together with English storyteller Alice Fernbank the performance explores parallels between the story of Hamlet and the life of James VI/I.

Walk the Oars is a treasure, an ancient oasis of delight in the sea of the modern world. The whole thing is engaging and exciting, and rekindles a semi-lost fire of storytelling

Imogen Rowe, edinburghguide.com


Danish Storyteller Svend-Erik Engh and Scottish Musician Neil Sutcliffe tell a story inspired by the Viking’s arrival in Scotland, with traditional Nordic tales and Gaelic and Scots songs woven into the narrative.

You are invited onboard a Viking Longship sailing from Jutland in Denmark to Shetland in Scotland. A young man sets off to finish his fathers work: to build a causeway out to Law Ting Holm and share his culture with the Shetlanders.

I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be this good

– Lorna Shields

Stories of the Nordic Gods

Since I moved to Scotland I have told these stories from the Nordic Myths

The Creation (together with Alice Fernbank)


Tyr and Fenris (together with Neil Sutcliffe)

Thor and Jörmundgandr (a children version of a fishing trip)

Balder's Dream (I told the story of Balder's dream first time in 1984 together with Anders Eliasson - here in Scotland together with Neil Sutcliffe in Walk the Oars)


Frihed skal være vor løsen i Nord

Frihed for Loke saavel som for Thor,

Freedom shall be our guide in the North!

Freedom for Loki as well as for Thor.

Niels Frederik Severin Grundtvig in foreword to Nordic Mythology 1832 which is the fundament of the Danish Folkhøjskole.

DuEtS are meetings between artists. The guest brings a prepared gift to the DuEt and then host and guest exchange stories, songs, music, poems whatever is connected to what was just done. 

Children's Book

Just wanted to say thank you about the Princess Grumpy book, I bought it earlier this year for my daughter who likes it too, but at the moment, for the last few weeks at least, is our 2-year-old's favourite, he asks to read it at least once or twice a day and joins in on 'Boos and hisss' and every 'ouch', and has us singing Nelly the elephant every time too.

Ossi Jalonen



with words

The way Engh paints his stories is magical, building a landscape of a simpler time. 

Imogen Rowe,




Svend-Erik is not only an authentic and impressive storyteller but also a great, emphatic trainer with the right questions in the right moment.

Zsuzsanna Takács

CEO at KRIO Institute Cell and Tissue Bank



Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills.

Søren Buhl Hornskov

Copenhagen Business School