Wolves Within

Wolves Within

– with Scottish Musician Neil Sutcliffe.

We are exploring Wolves and what impact they have and have had on humans in stories, music and songs.

The show features myths/fairy tales and folk music from Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, Transylvania and England.
Come and delve deep into the psyche of Wolves, and discover what these proud animals have meant for people around the world.  

Tour in Denmark

We are planning a tour around in Denmark Autumn 2023.

Price for one performance two people 1 1/2 hour 6000,- Dkr. = transport in Denmark from Copenhagen.

Workshop with storytelling and music 6000,- Dkr.

Performance one day / evening 

+ workshop next day (perfect for a Folkehøjskole)

10000,- Dkr.